Our Services

All of our services are in consideration of carpet and related problems that arise from the misuse, abuse or high traffic use of carpet. More specific services are listed below.

Carpet Stretching

We stretch carpet when it shrinks. Which carpet does.

Carpet Stains

Carpet gets stained. We have options to treat the stain or completely cut the stain out and replace it with new carpet in the form of a patch.

Carpet Patching

Carpet gets holes. We patch the hole with a new piece of carpet that matches.

Carpet Transitions

We have solutions for where the carpet ends and the hard surface flooring begins. This is usually a trim piece that hides the edge of the carpet. Several options are available and colors. They are designed to look nice and minimize the chance of someone tripping on it.

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee all of our work. If there is any flaw in our repair, we will come back and make it right.

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